Sebastian Self Storage Space Calculator

Listed below you will find common items you may find in your home or office, organized into familiar categories. To create a estimate on how much it will cost to store your items at Sebastian Self Storage, enter the quantities of each item you have below. For items that are not listed, please enter the total approximate cubic feet of those unlisted items in the final field of the form.

Air Conditioner, Window15 cu ft
Dehumidifier10 cu ft
Dish Washer25 cu ft
Dryer10 cu ft
Freezer 16 cu. ft. or Over60 cu ft
Freezer, 10 cu. ft. or Less30 cu ft
Freezer, 11 cu. ft to 15 cu. ft.45 cu ft
Microwave Oven10 cu ft
Range, 30" Wide15 cu ft
Range, 36" Wide30 cu ft
Refrigerator, 11 cu. ft. or over60 cu ft
Refrigerator, 6 cu. ft. or Less30 cu ft
Refrigerator, 7 to 10 cu. ft.45 cu ft
Trash Compactor15 cu ft
Vacuum Cleaner5 cu ft
Washing Machine25 cu ft
Bed, Bunk (2 set)70 cu ft
Bed, Double Mattress and Box Spring60 cu ft
Bed, King Mattress and Box Spring70 cu ft
Bed, Queen Mattress and Box Spring65 cu ft
Bed, Rollaway20 cu ft
Bed, Single Mattress and Box Spring40 cu ft
Bookshelves5 cu ft
Chair, Boudoir10 cu ft
Chair, Rocker5 cu ft
Chaise Lounge25 cu ft
Chest, Armoire30 cu ft
Chest, Bachelor12 cu ft
Chest, Cedar15 cu ft
Desk, SM/Winthrop22 cu ft
Dresser, Double40 cu ft
Dresser, Single30 cu ft
Dresser, Triple50 cu ft
Dresser, Vanity20 cu ft
Dresser, Vanity Bench3 cu ft
Lamp, Floor3 cu ft
Rug, Large10 cu ft
Rug, Small3 cu ft
Table, Night5 cu ft
Wardbrobe, Large40 cu ft
Wardrobe, Small20 cu ft
Waterbed Base10 cu ft
dining room
Bench, Harvest10 cu ft
Buffet, Base30 cu ft
Cabinet, Corner20 cu ft
Dining Table30 cu ft
Dining Table Chair5 cu ft
Dining Table Leaf2 cu ft
Hutch, Top20 cu ft
Rug, Large10 cu ft
Rug, Small3 cu ft
Server15 cu ft
Tea Cart10 cu ft
Breakfast Table10 cu ft
Breakfast Table Chairs5 cu ft
Cabinet30 cu ft
Chair, High5 cu ft
Ironing Board2 cu ft
Serving Cart15 cu ft
Stool3 cu ft
Table, Small5 cu ft
Utility Cabinet10 cu ft
living room
Bar, Portable15 cu ft
Bench, Frsd/Piano5 cu ft
Bookcase20 cu ft
Bookshelves, Sect.5 cu ft
Cabinet, Curio10 cu ft
CD Player 2 cu ft
Chair, Arm12 cu ft
Chair, Occasional15 cu ft
Chair, Overstuffed25 cu ft
Chair, Rocker12 cu ft
Chair, Straight5 cu ft
Chest, Cedar15 cu ft
Clock, Grandfather20 cu ft
Day Bed30 cu ft
Desk, Secretary35 cu ft
Desk, SM/Winthrop22 cu ft
Fireplace Tools5 cu ft
Footstool2 cu ft
Hall Tree Rack2 cu ft
Lamp, Floor3 cu ft
Magazine Rack2 cu ft
Music Cabinet10 cu ft
Organ, Small20 cu ft
Piano, Baby Grand/Upright71 cu ft
Piano, Spinet/Console60 cu ft
Radio, Table2 cu ft
Rug, Large10 cu ft
Rug, Small3 cu ft
Sofa, 3 Cushion50 cu ft
Sofa, Hide, 4 Cushion60 cu ft
Sofa, Love Seat35 cu ft
Sofa, Rattan/Wicker10 cu ft
Stereo Component8 cu ft
Stereo Console15 cu ft
Table, Coffee40 cu ft
Table, Drop/Occasional12 cu ft
Table, End5 cu ft
Telephone Stand5 cu ft
Trunk5 cu ft
TV Stand3 cu ft
TV, Combination25 cu ft
TV, Console15 cu ft
TV, Portable5 cu ft
TV, Table Model10 cu ft
Baby Carriage4 cu ft
Basket, Clothes5 cu ft
Bicycle5 cu ft
Bowling Ball/Bag3 cu ft
Card Table2 cu ft
Clothes Hamper5 cu ft
Cot, Folding10 cu ft
Desk, Office30 cu ft
Fan5 cu ft
Filing Cabinet, 2 Drawer10 cu ft
Filing Cabinet, 4 Drawer20 cu ft
Filing Cabinet, Cardboard3 cu ft
Folding Chairs1 cu ft
Foot Locker5 cu ft
Game Table15 cu ft
Golf Bag4 cu ft
Metal Shelves5 cu ft
Ping Pong Table40 cu ft
Plant Stands2 cu ft
Pool Table, Slate100 cu ft
Pool Table, Small40 cu ft
Power Tool3 cu ft
Sewing Machine, Porable5 cu ft
Sewing Machine, with Cabinet20 cu ft
Sled2 cu ft
Suite Case5 cu ft
Table, Utility5 cu ft
Tackle Box1 cu ft
Tool Chest, Large15 cu ft
Tool Chest, Medium10 cu ft
Tool Chest, Small5 cu ft
Tool Stand15 cu ft
Trash Can7 cu ft
Tricycle2 cu ft
Wagon, Childs5 cu ft
Wastepaper Basket2 cu ft
Work Bench20 cu ft
Bassinette5 cu ft
Bed, Youth30 cu ft
Chair, Childs3 cu ft
Chair, High 5 cu ft
Chest12 cu ft
Chest, Toy5 cu ft
Crib, Baby10 cu ft
Playpen10 cu ft
Rug, Large10 cu ft
Rug, Small3 cu ft
Table, Child's5 cu ft
packed boxes
Box, Dish Pack8 cu ft
Box, Extra Large6 cu ft
Box, Large4.5 cu ft
Box, Medium3 cu ft
Box, Small1.5 cu ft
Box, Wardrobe10 cu ft
porch and outdoor
Chairs, Aluminum Fold up1 cu ft
Chairs, Metal3 cu ft
Chairs, Wood5 cu ft
Garden Hose and Tools10 cu ft
Glider or Settee20 cu ft
Grill, Gas (no propane tank)10 cu ft
Grill, Small (no propane)2 cu ft
Ladder, 6' Step3 cu ft
Ladder, 8' Metal3 cu ft
Ladder, Extension8 cu ft
Leaf Sweeper (No Gas)5 cu ft
Mower, Hand5 cu ft
Picnic Bench5 cu ft
Picnic Table20 cu ft
Rug, Large10 cu ft
Rug, Small3 cu ft
Sand Box10 cu ft
Slide, Childs10 cu ft
Spreader2 cu ft
Swing Set30 cu ft
Table, Large5 cu ft
Table, Small2 cu ft
Umbrella5 cu ft
Wheelbarrow8 cu ft
Addtional Estimated Space needed. (Cu. Ft)

Total Cubic Feet:0 Cu. ft.

Please allow additional space for organization and maneuvering.
Approximate storage needed:0 Cu. ft.

Storage Space Chart
5x5200 NO YES
5x7280 NO YES
5x10400 YES YES
5x15600 YES YES
10x10800 YES YES
10x151200 YES YES
10x201600 YES YES
15x151800 YES YES
Sebastian Self Storage Space Calculator
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